Dave Johnson

Suspended demo

May 5th, 2017

I thought it might be cool to let everyone hear what one of the tunes sounds like in the “demo” stage. There has been very little actual “mixing” done to the song at this point – it’s just a raw recording of the basic arrangement. In particular, the guitar, bass, and vocals are actually first takes, and haven’t been touched up, so you get to hear all the bad notes and missed cues. The levels aren’t right either – some things are too loud or soft, and haven’t been touched by any studio “magic” – reverb, effects, pitch correction, or compression. So what you’ll hear is much like a band practicing, before the sound guy shows up, just a raw, first time pass at the general idea. Even if the notes and lyrics remain the same, the final version will sound much more full and “commercial,” like what you’d hear on the radio. In other words – this is just a demonstration.

In June of 2015, my liver and kidneys were showing signs of failure, to the extent that they could go at any time. My heart function was so limited that it wasn’t providing them with enough blood and oxygen, so they were shutting down. One of my doctors proposed that I have a bridge device implanted – the “TAH” or Total Artificial Heart. It would not help me to move up on the waiting list, but my other organs would be saved and hopefully revive if I had the device implanted. I felt like we were so close to an actual transplant, it was a pretty huge setback to my mind, a stop along the journey that I didn’t want to take. It was actually Perry Jenkins, my young friend who was also implanted with a TAH, who softened me up to the idea of having the surgery, and my youngest son, Brennan, who came up with the best plan for how to handle the aftermath regarding coming home on the portable Freedom Driver pump until transplant, or living with the TAH in the hospital until then.

“Suspended” is about those moments in between, and my thoughts at the time.

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