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Lorenzo the Magnificent…and other Stuff

October 11th, 2017


If you’re not a slave to Facebook like most of us, you may not have heard, but I will FINALLY be releasing my latest book Lorenzo the Magnificent (The Medici Chronicles, Vol.I) this coming Friday, October 13th – everywhere! If you happen to be in the Harrisburg, PA area, I’ll be selling 20 copies of the final proof at the annual Bodhana Group tabletop gaming fundraiser Save Against Fear. On the same day, you can order the finished product in print or digital form at Amazon, Barnes & Noble’s Booksellers, Goodreads, and at my publishing site, Createspace. If you have no preference, I always appreciate orders from Createspace since a larger percentage of the royalties stay with the author through them. Just click on the READ tab up there, and it’ll take you to to the order links.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time immersed in the life of young Lorenzo, and I feel like we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well. He can be angsty at times, but hey, he’s got a lot on his plate, what with the ill-gotten wealth, the Pope’s assassins, the hot girl who just moved into the palace, his buddies Sandro and Leo trying to get excommunicated, and puberty. I think he deserves some slack. You judge for yourself.

This is the first in what I hope will be a series about ‘Enzo, and I also intend to check in on Adis soon and see what’s been shaking in Maddingbrew. But first, I’m trying to finish my current project, Conversations from Room 1170 before the holidays. A 22-song, double album and accompanying auto-biography about my six-year wait on a heart transplant list, followed by an 8-song acoustic EP featuring alternative versions of the most important songs from the double-album. Whew. Once that’s behind me, there’s potentially a new power-poo band on the horizon, and I’ll be returning to both Renaissance Florence and Maddingbrew to write sequels. I’m just as curious as you to find out what those crazy kids have been up to.

So look for Lorenzo and his cohorts this Friday, and check out www.thebodhanagroup.org and www.saveagainstfear.org and drop by the Con this weekend to say hi.

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